Makayla Campbell was born in Mississauga ON, Canada to Fay Campbell, a service desk analyst and Liddell Campbell, a carpenter. She has an older sister and an older brother, who both followed in their mothers footsteps in the computer science field. Makayla was always an outlier in her family, being the baby of the family as well as having a very different calling from the rest of her siblings. Throughout her early education, Campbell’s teachers would encourage her to further develop her writing skills as they believed she was a exceptional writer. Campbell’s love and passion for human rights and social injustice as well as writing encouraged her to apply for Carleton University’s competitive Journalism program for the 2017 Fall/Winter terms.

Makayla Campbell is mostly fascinated by broadcast, video/media, and documentary style journalism, taking inspiration from radio and platforms such as Vice and Aj+. As she is transferring into her second year, Campbell strives to complete a double major in Journalism and Communication and Media Studies with a minor in Spanish. Considering alternative routes possibly in film and television writing, she continues to work towards her degree for the upcoming years, strengthening her writing skills and extending her options for the future.